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GameMusicGear~MX v1.3

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Nome File GameMusicGear~MX v1.3 di Gid
Inviato Friday 23 October 2009 - 12:06
Ultimo Aggiornamento Friday 23 October 2009 - 12:06
Tipo File Tipo File (zip - application/zip)
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Dimensione File 6.38mb (Tempo di Download Stimato)
Visite 1080
Downloads 87
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Dopo piu' di un anno di silenzio, silmarilion si rifa' vivo nel panorama homebrew PSP per aggiornare il suo GameMusicGear, music player multi-formato realizzato per la portatile Sony.
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add New in_sap plugin based on ASAP engine by Piotr Fusik.
add Scrolling text in playlist for large file names/titles.
add Some gfx changes and new icon, specially in the config app.
add Texture compression using libtxc_dxtn library by Roland Scheidegger and Franck Charlet to save some space: dxt1, dxt3 and dxt5 modes available.
add New volume boost algorithm with +3, +6 and +9 dB amplification. You can change it pressing CROSS + ANALOG UP/DOWN. ** USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK **
add Improved the in_psf plugin, several types of reverb and interpolation were added and should sound more like the real psx. If you find some heavy track you can try changing this settings.
add Improved visual plugins!.
fix Increased heap size of in_gme.prx because some vgm files were not working, thanks to Marcus Vinícius for pointing that one.
fix Increased the size of the song info and picture in fullscreen visualizer.
fix Replaced a lot of global variables in the main app to improve performance and stability of the app.
fix Load from zip, rar, etc. is now working with psf, minipsf and vgz plugins. Except for some large rar files.
fix Real sleep mode is now working smile.gif.
del Removed fade support since i changed the sound boost algorithm.
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